Any Job Seeker can exponentially increase their chances of getting noticed and hired through my training and coaching program because it teaches them the inside secrets from the view of the Recruiter, how they search and what they are really looking for in a resume.


This course has everything you need to develop a resume that generates calls to get you hired rapidly.

  • 5 Modules of self paced learning showing you the inside secrets about resume development and cover letter writing and how to grab a Recruiter’s attention.
  • You know your background better than anyone. For that reason, you are the best person to develop your own resume rather than a ‘resume writer’.
  • Your resume should be written in your voice. Your resume acts as a writing sample to the Recruiter and the Employer. 
  • You will have direct access to Professional Recruiter Ilene Rein for questions and guidance through online group zoom calls. 


Sign up now to get exclusive access into my training program where I hold nothing back:

  • Use my detailed step-by-step guides about resume and cover letter development to put what you’ve learned into action. Use the proven successful Resume and Cover Letter Templates that are included for download to increase the volume of calls from applications. 
  • You will learn how to highlight your strengths and downplay your weaknesses, what to include (and not include) in your resume to attract attention. 
  • Each module contains the most detailed online resume development strategies available anywhere shared by a Recruiter, the person who is scrutinizing 500+ resumes a day. 
  • With direct access to me, you can ask questions and get clarification on anything in the course.


I’ll be teaching every resume writing tactic I’ve used with my clients for the past 15 years.

The benefits of this course are nearly endless, including:

  • Forget the bill from an expensive resume writer. This course teaches you exactly how to develop a professional resume in your own voice.
  • Video instruction allows you to watch and rewatch the lessons as often as needed; you will completely understand how a Recruiter searches for you to write a resume that gets noticed.
  • Your resume writing struggles are over! This proven method of resume writing guides you step-by-step through the process. 


This training will save you time and get you vastly better results. We are going to change the way you think about resume writing forever!

Here’s how the course is organized:

  • Module 1 - The Road Ahead
  • Overview of resume writing and basic rules and tools to get you started on the right path.
  • Module 2 - Inside A Recruiter’s World
  • Putting you in the seat of the Recruiter sharing with you the inside secrets to how a Recruiter searches and what they are looking for in your resume.
  • Module 3 - Resume Components
  • Detailed discussion of each component in a resume, what to include and not include. Forms included to prompt your memory of your life experiences.
  • Module 4 - Putting It All Together
  • Applying your experience to Templates (included for download in Microsoft Word) proven to be successful in attracting attention.
  • Module 5 - Cover Letters
  • Explanation of the easy way to write a Cover Letter so it does not take three days! Templates included to write multiple letters quickly. 
  • PLUS, you get group coaching and access to a private community where you can interact with the presenter (a Recruiter) and other job seekers increasing your job search network.


This course is perfect for the person who wants to take control of their job search, increase the chances of getting noticed, and getting hired rapidly!

Hi, I’m Ilene Rein, Professional Recruiter and Founder of Pounding Pavement 101.

I am a Partner/Recruiter at Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc. an Executive Search firm for Marketing and Sales professionals.

 After hearing many stories of difficulties in finding employment, I created Pounding Pavement 101. In taking my advice and learning industry inside secrets, calls from companies started coming in, interviews scheduled and my clients became employed!

This course is closed for enrollment.